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Why do you require school documentation (IEP & FIE) and assessments from previous providers?

The easiest answer is because all insurances require that we receive and review these documents when conducting an assessment and developing a treatment plan. The extended answer is because this is the first step in collaboration with other providers. Receiving prior discharge reports allows us to see what the client was working on and the progress on those goals. Documents from other therapies allows us to see what methodologies have been successful or unsuccessful, as well as interventions that are on-going. This helps us to ensure that we are using teaching methodologies that are complementary to one another for continued progress. 

Why do you need so much information about my child's medical history?

We must take into account if the client has co-morbidities, other mental health issues, or a trauma background. Therapy is tailored to each individual and other services may be recommended by the BCBA. The Behavior Analyst does not work outside of her scope of practice.


How much does ABA cost?

The cost of therapy depends on your insurance provider, deductible, and hours required. In order to get a more accurate determination of the cost we will need to review your benefits and hours prescribed. Caregivers shall keep in mind that cost does not only include 1:1 therapy, but also Supervision and Parent Training.


Is ABA expected to replace school?

No, ABA is not expected to replace school. Typically, we recommend a combination of services for those who are recommended 10-25 hours per week. Clients would attend school in the morning and leave early for therapy. If the client is recommended 30-40 hours a week of therapy we must consider which would be more beneficial and why. We also must consider the hours that the client is in school and receiving therapy. We do not want to overwhelmed the client.

What do we do about attendance with school?

ABA Therapy is a medically excused therapy from school. We can provide you with a daily, weekly, or monthly note, depending on the requirements of your student's school.

My child's school won't like it if we pull them out early consistently.

We wouldn't recommend split services if we did not believe it was medically necessary. We can work with the school and the client's school schedule to determine what would be the most beneficial time to leave to minimize instructional time loss. Ultimately the school cannot prevent a parent from withdrawing early for therapy services. ABA is a medically necessary service that is protected from truancy with proper documentation.

Will you go to ARD meetings with us?

Yes, a BCBA can accompany parents to an ARD meeting upon request. We recommend brining this up with he BCBA during a parent training and express your concerns for the upcoming meeting. If you are an established client there is no additional cost for this service. Non-clients may receive services at an out-of-pocket a la carte fee (see fees page).


What qualifications do the Behavior Analyst and the therapist have? How are they different?

Behavior Analyst have a Board Certification and are licensed by the state in which they provide services. A Behavior Analyst must have a minimum of a Masters degree and receive direct supervision during their fieldwork. For more information visit the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) at

What qualifications do your therapists have?

All of our therapists are required to be certified as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). We do provide training for non-certified therapist. Additionally, we require all therapist to have some level of college education. The minimum requirements to be a RBT can be found on the the BACB's website (see above).

How can I verify that the BCBA and RBTs are in good standing?

You can visit the BACB certificate registry and search therapist by name and/or state.

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